Monday, June 13, 2016

Fellow travelers

 A nice thing about riding a motorcycle is you meet a lot of other riders who, mostly, like to share their experiences and stories with you. The young couple above, Peter and Tania, are from Germany. They shipped their F800GSA to the US and are taking a year to ride from Alaska to South America. The couple below, Paul and Donna are riding their 1993 R100GS from Anchorage to their home in Toronto. Last year they rode the opposite direction and stored the bike in Alaska for this year's ride. They take a month each way so they don't  rush but can stop and smell the roses on the way. We all rode up to the Salmon Glacier overlook today. No small feat two up, it was a very rough gravel and muddy 12 mile ride. Pictures to follow.
 Lastly, Roger from Southern BC on his way home from Alaska on a F800GT stopped by the motel to get some pictures at their sign. Maybe just a coincidence, but all these adventurous where riding BMWs. Just saying.....


  1. Meeting new adventurous people is a great part of traveling to new places. Maybe when I get a motorcycle we can take this trip together.