Thursday, June 9, 2016

I met Paul at the Grahms Island State Park near Devil's Lake ND. Paul is riding that 250 cc Virgo from Southern Florida to Alaska! We talked about our rides, he goes about 300 miles a day and stops for gas every 150 miles. A nice relaxed way to travel. He really just wants to get to the border to prove to prove to the skeptics back home he could do it, and of course enjoy the trip there. I suggested he need not go all the way up the Alcan Hwy but instead go to Hyder, AK. A much closer destination, so he will probably try that. He recently linked up with Jakob, a young guy from New Brunswick, Canada who has had his m/c license for a couple of weeks. He is riding to the Okanagan Valley to work the Cherry harvest among other things. (How about that Sherry! )

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